15 year old boy and his friends trying to lodge two teenage girls into an hotel – (Video)

A video circulating online shows a 15-year-old boy being challenged by a concerned adult after attempting to book a hotel room with two teenage girls.

The teens, who were made up of three males and two girls, went to the hotel to reserve a room when they were confronted by a man who requested for their ages.The ringleader revealed his age as 15 years old. When asked if he wanted to book a hotel room, he responded yes, but that it was not “really for him.”
The man then proceeded to question the teenage girls, but they appeared uneasy and went away, their faces hidden from the camera.



“Hold me before I explode” – Nkechi Blessing exclaimed after Rick Ross followed her on Instagram

The actress, who was recently embroiled in a tumultuous social media feud with her ex-lover, Opeyemi Falegan, stated that the international star not only followed her on Instagram, but even commented on one of her pictures.Nkechi, who was overjoyed by her recent achievement, posted a screenshot of the comment on her verified page with the description

Nollywood actress Nkechi Blessing is happy and has resorted to social media to express her delight when American rapper Rick Ross followed her on Instagram.

“Mama, your child don’t BLOW. Somebody please hold me before I explode. @richforever is following me. Oh, he even commented on my picture. “Jesus Blood.”

“Na hot got pictures I want dey post now, As per Rick Ross dey see my post. Yankee YA”. She added.

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“Hold me before I explode” – Nkechi Blessing exclaimed after Rick Ross followed her on Instagram

The actress, who was recently embroiled in a tumultuous social media feud with her ex-lover, Opeyemi Falegan, stated that the international star not only followed her on Instagram, but even commented on one of her pictures.Nkechi, who was overjoyed by her recent achievement, posted a screenshot of the comment on her verified page with the description

Nollywood actress Nkechi Blessing is happy and has resorted to social media to express her delight when American rapper Rick Ross followed her on Instagram.

“Mama, your child don’t BLOW. Somebody please hold me before I explode. @richforever is following me. Oh, he even commented on my picture. “Jesus Blood.”

“Na hot got pictures I want dey post now, As per Rick Ross dey see my post. Yankee YA”. She added.

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Chrisland School – Full Leaked Video Of The 10-Year Old And 13 Years old Chrisland Student

The Lagos State government has shut down Chrisland Schools indefinitely amid allegation of rape.

A 10-year-old pupil of the school was said to have been raped by her schoolmates during a trip to Dubai.

The incident sparked outrage on social media, with many calling on government to act.

In a statement on Monday, the state Ministry of Education said investigation into the matter was ongoing.

The state government disclosed that the allegations of sexual violence involving students of Chrisland School are being investigated by the relevant Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs), including the Ministry of Education; Office of Education Quality Assurance; Ministry of Youth and Social Development; Ministry of Justice, and the Lagos State Domestic & Sexual Violence Agency.

The statement jointly signed by the MDAs, revealed that the criminal allegations had been escalated to the Commissioner of Police.

“In view of the allegations, we are committed to ensuring that adequate medical and pscyho-social support is provided. This is to reassure members of the public of the State Government’s commitment to safety and child protection, especially in ensuring that all child-centered institutions within the state, formulate and implement policies and systems that are compliant with the Executive Order (No.EO/AA08 of 2016), Lagos State Safeguarding and Child Protection Program.”

The State Government therefore reminded the general public that anyone who engages in any visual depiction of sexually explicit conduct involving of a child commits an offence and is liable to custodial sentence of 14years. “This includes producing, distributing, receiving, or possessing an image of child pornography.”

Daily Trust had earlier contacted the school for its reaction to the incident.

A representative of the school had said who spoke over the phone had said, “Yes, this is Chrisland School. I am not permitted to speak on the issue. We will soon release an official statement. Thank you.”


Wizkid’s Babymama Gives Account Of Chrisland’s Leaked Tape

This is coming at the time the Lagos State Government shutdown the school over the leaked tape of a female student who was allegedly raped.

Shola disclosed that her son, Boluwatife Balogun was the first person to tell her that some students circulated a video of the female student.

Wizkid’s babymama in a post on Instagram wrote, “It took me a lot of thinking before dropping this comment. The way we just throw the word ‘RAPE’ around so loosely without considering how much damage it can cause.

“Firstly, as parents we need to pay close attention to our kids and what we expose them too, cos mahn it’s a crazy crazy world we live in.

“Secondly, I accompanied my son to represent his school at the just concluded WSG and I can say for a fact that the 10 yr old in question was DEFINITELY not raped.”

Shola while speaking on her expression when she heard about the issue from her son, said, “I remember vividly the ‘SHOCK’ in my son’s face when he was telling me about a video some other kid was watching, he said Mum, I couldn’t stand the video I had to excuse myself, he said the gist circulating was that the girl and her click played a game of truth or dare, of which this particular girl couldn’t stop with the mind bugging’ DARES’ I couldn’t believe my ears when I learned about the nasty activities this lil kids get themselves involved in.

“To make matters worse, even when she was accosted about the video, she was owing it with her full chest, saying yeah it’s me in the video and so.”

Shola also emphasized on how troubling the viral video of the 10-year-old is.

She said, “It bothered me so much, I needed to see this kids I question so I’ll know how to advice my child against such kids (well he knows better) before they use their reggae to spoil my blues. God Abeg.

“But seeing this post now and the twist of it all, I just couldn’t take it (cos I know for a fact how very very strict the teachers were on this trip) blaming such immorality and negligence on the school is unfair cos it definitely wasn’t rape!!!

“if ma’am, they were in a hotel where other schools also stayed at, To avoid stories that touch like this, they made sure the boy’s room was on the 10th floor and the girl’s room 2nd floor.

“The teachers did their parade 3-5 times daily making sure they were all in their rooms.

“There were over 70kids to 5-6 teachers(this teacher went through hell trying to get them together) But for you to know how badly behaved these kids were, they waited till after midnight (after the last roll call) to get their nasty acts on.

“You can blame the guardians all you want for trying their best and breaking their backs for kids all you want, but CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME.”

Daddy Freeze Reacts To Chrisland Pupilstudent of 10 Year Old Leaked Video

earlier reported that Chrisland Schools in Victoria Garden City (VGC) had suspended the girl for taking part in“improper behaviour” after playing the truth-or-dare game.

In a letter dated April 14, 2022, the school described her as a “major participant” in indecent conduct which occurred in Dubai.

The school said other schoolmates who took part in the game had been suspended, adding that the girl and her parents did not cooperate during its investigation.

The video of what transpired between the pupil sparked outrage on social media with Nigerians condemning the school and parents for doing a bad job with their upbringing.

Reacting to the development, Daddy Freeze via his Instagram page said the school failed thoroughly, so likewise the pupil’s parents.

He asserted that the 10-year-old wasn’t raped, but was involved in a consented act.

He wrote; “The parents of this pikin not try one kono. The school no try, but we definitely cannot absolve the parents ah. Naaaaa naaa this is waay too much. Parents raise your kids well o

“I’m not sure the mother saw that video before making that claim. 

“It was in my humble opinion, consenting. The school failed thoroughly and so did the parents of the children involved.

“After closing the school the parents should also be sanctioned.”

JJC Skillz Deletes Son’s Photo After Feud With Funke Akindele

Skillz had uploaded a picture of his son on his birthday. However after Benito made a negative comment about Funke, the television producer deleted the post from his timeline.

A photo of JJC’s other grown son from a previous relationship remains on his Instagram

This move is coming after Mella, Benito’s mother, warned JJC Skillz and Funke Akindele not to “expose” her family and she had proceeded to a post a picture of the couple twins whose faces have been hidden since birth.

She said the rapper goes online “pretending with fake piety” but exhibits a different behaviour towards their son.

She claimed that her son is still suffering from the injuries inflicted on him by his father and proceeded to share medical records of the assault.

Meanwhile, popular Nigerian gospel singer, Frank Edwards has reacted to allegation levelled against him by controversial journalist, Kemi Olunloyo over the death of Osinachi Nwachukwu.

Olunloyo in a post on her Twitter account had accused Edwards of having a secret affair with Osinachi before her death.

According to Olunloyo, their secret affair got the husband of the gospel singer, Peter Nwachukwu jealous.

JJC’s Babymama Reveals Secret About Funke Akindele’s Marriage

According to Mella, Funke’s happy marriage pretence is a lie, adding that the actress caught the husband getting a blowjob.

JJC‘s baby mama in a chat noted that the rapper is a long time drug user who has constantly smoked in front of all his children.

She wrote, “happy marriage pretence’ is a lie. Funke caught him getting a blowjob. The biggest problem here is that Abdul is a long time drug user who has constantly smoked dope in front of all his children which has been a long-standing dispute between us both. These children look up to their father and follow his example. It’s been a big problem for me and his mother.”

She also threatened to leak the video where JJC beat up her son, which saw him hospitalised.

Mella in a post on her Instagram charged JJC and his wife to tender a public apology.

She wrote, “Abdul & Funke We’ve already asked you to keep your dogs are bay and issue a public apology. Stop with the continued slanderous slime. Otherwise, the next blow will be the video of you beating your son. Clear?”

Nollywoood Actress Speaks On Why Most Women Bleach Their Skins


She added that the documentary was about creating awareness and allowing people to learn about colourism and self acceptance.

Beverly said; “I was very passionate about the topic and I am still passionate about it. Many women in our society ‘bleach’ their skin because they want to be seen as more desirable.

They feel like having dark skin is not beautiful. According to the World Health Organisation, 77 per cent of Nigerian women bleach their skin. Understanding the facts and realising that a lot of people in our society do not have a clear understanding of what colourism is inspired the documentary. It was about creating awareness and allowing people to learn about colourism,”

The actress also said people usually love it when she plays bitchy roles in movies.

“Wedding Party’ was influential. It did a lot of things for my career. But then, what came of that was a typecast thing and the idea that that’s the only kind of role I can play. I know my range as an actor. The audience loves it when I play bitchy roles but they also appreciate it when I play the role of a downtrodden person, especially if it’s done well.”

Twitter Adopts Plan Against Elon Musk Takeover Bid

The plan must “reduce the possibility that any entity, person or group will take control of Twitter by accumulating securities in the market without paying all shareholders an appropriate premium or without giving the board sufficient time to make informed decisions,” says the group.

This clause, nicknamed “poison pill” in financial jargon, will be triggered if the hostile shareholder exceeds 15% of the company’s shares without the agreement of the board of directors (CA). Elon Musk holds at this stage a little more than 9% of the capital of Twitter at this stage.

If he buys back enough shares to reach the 15%, all the other holders of shares on the platform will be able to buy them back at a reduced price, which would greatly increase the price the entrepreneur would have to pay to get his hands on the social network.

An offer at 43.4 billion dollars

This Twitter announcement shows that the San Francisco-based company intends to fight against this attempt by the richest man in the world to buy it out and make it an unlisted company. The whimsical billionaire has announced a proposal to acquire the social network at a price that would value it at 43.4 billion dollars (40.1 billion euros), against around 36 billion (33.3 billion euros). euros) at present.

He said Thursday he had “sufficient funds”, assured that he had a plan B if the Board refused his offer, and also that he was not looking to “make money”, during a live interview at the Ted2022 conference.

Very critical of Twitter’s content moderation policy, he says he wants to make it “the platform for freedom of expression in the world”, with fewer limits on what users can tweet.

My Stepfather Sexually Abused Me For Years – Temmie Ovwasa Reveal Secret Story About Her Life

Ovwasa noted that she had always wanted to reveal what her stepfather did to her but she was waiting for her mother to die because she does not want her to bear the shame.

According to Ovwasa, her stepfather wrote the details of the abuses in a dairy which her mother found but still stayed in the marriage.

She noted that she would not attend her mother’s funeral, adding that she doesn’t hate her mother because the system gives women like her nothing.

Ovwasa wrote, “In the spirit of exposing my stepfather as a sexual predator, I want to state this very clear, I do not believe in the justice system so if you’ve hurt me sexually, watch your back. I’m not afraid of blood.

“I’ve always wanted to tell this story but I’ve been waiting for my Mother to die because I didn’t want her to bear the shame of it but it’s 2022 angels, and in the spirit of releasing my new project where I talk about some of my experiences, I’ll be sharing this to start.

“I was sexually abused by my stepfather from age 11 to 17, he groped me and wrote about it in his diary which my mother found, My first experience with being called mentally unstable after sharing a story was with my mother (which is why you stupid internet trolls don’t faze me)

“After my mother found out she said it was ‘just anal’, according to his dairy, Meaning that it wasn’t such a big deal since I wasn’t ‘penetrated’, I know through and through what a predator looks like, thinks like, I know they never believe they’ve done anything wrong

“This started a cycle in my life, of people calling me mentally unstable, mad, depressed because I was actually, I cut myself for years, in and out of psychosis and you know the best part. Every time I had an opinion about what her husband did, My mother would say it’s psychosis.”

Funke Akindele Speaks After Husband’s Ex-Wife Exposed Her Twin’s Faces

The actress and mother of two made the inspiring post barely twenty-four hours after her husband, JJC Skillz’s ex-wife, Mella exposed the faces of her twin boys on social media.

Recall, a lady identified as Mella, who claims to be the mother of the music star’s son, Benito, took to her Instagram page with the handle @snoop_mummy on Thursday to share photos of actress Funke Akindele’s twins to spite their mother.

This is coming after Mella accused the Nollywood actress  of being a ‘bully’ and exposing her son with linkage to hard drugs.

Taking to her Instagram post,  Funke Akindele recounted her journey into fame and how she worked so hard to be where she is today.

She further encouraged her followers to keep going no matter how hard things had become, adding that it will begin to get better when they least expect it.

Funked Akindele stated that they should remember that good things do not come easy.

”Remember that good things do not come easy, love you all,” She said

Mercy Aigbe Speaks On Being Kicked Out Of Her Husband’s House Three Months After Wedding

This comes hours after reports alleged that the actress and mother of two moved out of her new home after her husband, Kazeem Adeoti, first wife Funsho planned to move back with him.

The source also alleged that the Range Rover given to the Nollywood actress by her husband in 2021 during his grand proposal to her was retrieved amidst the misunderstanding.

Reacting to the reports, the actress and mum of two, Mercy Aigbe opened up to Media personality, Tosin Silver dam, to debunk the reports.

She noted that she is still very much in her husband’s house and not going anywhere.

The actress added that she would not address the issue publicly as she is busy chasing money.

She said, “It’s a BIG lie jare, It’s not only pack out is pack in, wo Tosin, everyone can believe whatever they want to believe, I am busy chasing money. I tanda gidigba for my bubby’s house”.

“Sleeping with Cute Abiola is nobody’s business” – Says Mandy Kiss reacts to amorous claims (Video)

Influencer, Mandy Kiss has blown hot while reacting to allegations of sleeping with the popular skit maker, Cute Abiola.

Mandy Kiss Cute Abiola

A loved-up video of Cute Abiola and Mandy subsequently surfaced online which strengthened the claim.

Reacting to this, Mandy in a video lashed out at people coming to her DM to hear her side of the story. She vehemently stated that she owes nobody any explanation.

Mandy Kiss Cute Abiola

According to her, she owns her body and if the allegations are true or not it is nobody’s business.

Watch the video below;


“Her doctor did a bad job with her back from day one” – Ini Edo’s backside triggers (Video)

Her massive backside however became a topic for netizens as they concluded that she underwent butt surgery and her doctor did a terrible job.

Ini Edo backside Rita

Cybernauts have reacted after veteran Nollywood actress, Ini Edo flaunted her big backside while showing off some dance moves at Rita Dominic’s bridal shower.

Rita Dominic who is reportedly set to tie the knot with her lover, Fidelis Anosike on the 18th and 19th of April, had a graceful bridal shower with lots of highly-rated thespians in attendance.

Ini Edo backside Rita


Watch the video below:


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Mr Eazi Received Huge Gift After Announcing Proposal To Temi Otedola (Photos)

Congratulating him on his new engaged status, Eazi’s doctor sent him £1,000

The singer took to his Instagram account to share a screen shot of the credit alert.

Mr Eazi and Temi dated for six years before deciding to get engaged. The duo met through Temi’s sister DJ Cuppy.

The couple have a podcast together where they share insights on their relationship.

In one of their podcast episode the couple revealed Mr Eazi pays for their dates while Temi is responsible for planning them.

Temi stated that she has no problem paying for dates because she doesn’t believe in the social construct around the gender roles that put it upon the man to pay for dates, but Mr Eazi does not care.

Former Big Brother Housemate Speaks On Her Lesbian Relationship

In a lengthy Instagram post, Alex asked people to truly confirm the identity of ‘A’, noting that the rumour was denting her image.

She said unlike rumors making the rounds, she has never had anything with any married man or a fellow woman.

“Asides responsible business, I have never had anything to do with a married man and I don’t advice anyone to. I also haven’t had anything to do with any woman,” she said.

She went ahead demanding that, the blogs spreading the rumor, should provide proof of such allegation, adding that she works hard legitimately to achieve all she has.

She maintained that she can’t be associated with dirty cooked-up stories, adding that she’s standing for herself and every person that has been bullied into silence.

Why I Will Not Attend My Dad’s Burial – Nollywood Actress, Chioma Toplis

The lady’s post reads, “My father was an elder in the church, a proper elder. That was at church. At home, he was a wife-beater. He once beat my mom with a wooden plank with nails, and tore her arm too, with blood and all.

“He died nine years ago. I still haven’t cried. Thanks, everyone, she left him before he passed on. She’s thriving now.”

The actress while reacting to the post of the lady said her father was also an elder in a church, adding that her mother left him because he was lazy, lousy, senseless and foolish.

Chioma wrote, “I thought we were the only ones that have a useless father. He is an elder in the church too. We are in the same boat; my mother left my father too for many reasons ranging from laziness, lousiness, cheating, senselessness, foolishness, beating; in fact, (he is) everything bad.

“Do you know what? She is the WINNER for leaving alive. I grew up wondering what the hell made my mother marry such an awful man.

“I won’t even attend his burial even if I am in Nigeria, talk more of crying. The most interesting part is none of my siblings will either, except my brother, the first son, just to fulfil the native and custom law.”

She further stated that when her father eventually dies, his burial will be nothing to write home about.

“Yes, he will (definitely) die before us because he came to this world before us! His burial will be nothing to write home about. Just open the ground and throw him in at the corner of our house beside the garden. Oh yes, that is where he belongs. Of course, he knows this already.”

“I am innocent” Osinachi’s husband, Peter Nwachukwu, finally tells his side of the story from police custody

Peter Nwachukwu said his late wife had been ill since November last year. He said he first took her to Federal Medical Center (FMC), later to Gwagwalada General hospital, and then to National hospital, where she finally died. He, however, failed to disclose the nature of her illness.

Mr Peter Nwachukwu, who has made headlines for days now for allegedly beating his wife and popular gospel singer, Osinachi Nwachukwu to death, has denied the wife battery and assault allegations levelled against him.

At about 11a.m on Monday, April 11, 2021, Mr Nwachukwu was handcuffed and escorted into the police van stationed in front of the Lugbe police station in Abuja.

The police said they were driving him to their house to provide evidence of the hospitals he claimed to have taken his deceased wife to for treatment.

Meanwhile, an autopsy has now been carried out on the famous Nigerian gospel musician Osinachi Nwachukwu’s corpse to ascertain the real cause of her death. The autopsy became necessary after the late singer’s husband, alleged to have been responsible for her death, denied any wrongdoing.

While the police awaits the autopsy test results, Mr Nwachukwu has been transferred to the force headquarters in Abuja for further interrogations.

Late Osinachi was a lead singer at the Dunamis International Gospel Centre.

Kemi Filani recalls that the deceased older sister, Favour Made, alleged that her sister’s husband, Peter Nwachukwu, was responsible for her death in an interview with the Vanguard.

Mrs Made said her sister’s death was from a cluster of blood gathered in the deceased’s chest due to her husband, who allegedly kicked her recently.

She also dismissed claims that the deceased died of cancer, adding that she had always been a victim of abuse from her husband.

However, close friends and associates have suggested that her violent union led to her untimely death.

They also accused the Ekwueme crooner’s husband of constantly molesting and beating her..

DJ Cuppy gives scholarship to a young lady, and shares her touching story

The daughter of billionaire Otedola revealed that she met the lady, Tobi while she was working during on of her numerous photoshoot.

Florence Otedola better known as DJ Cuppy has won the admiration of many for her love for humanity especially with her latest sponsoring of a young lady to school.

Going into details, she said Tobi was behind the scenes catering during her Pepsi photoshoot.

She wrote on her Instagram page, “I feel like God wanted me to meet Tobi so I could change her life…. She was behind the scenes catering during my Pepsi photoshoot. At 18 years old, her resilience after a such a life tragedy inspired me! Best believe Tobi is going to school and the @CuppyFoundation will provide EVERY resource she needs until she graduates!”.

Kemi Filani news recalls DJ Cuppy recently just realized that majority of the citizens in Nigeria are living a hard life.

The daughter of billionaire Otedola, who arrived Nigeria days back to attend her grandmother’s 80th birthday discovered that life has been hard for most people in the country.

Cuppy revealed that she spent a lot of her time on Twitter and was left heartbroken with the many stories she read online.

She wrote, “Spent alot of time on Twitter today and so many stories are heartbreaking. Life for most people in this country is hard”.

DJ Cuppy gives out scholarship
DJ Cuppy gives out scholarship