Daddy Showkey Reveals Secret Behind Dreadlocks And How It Is Connected To His Riches

The legendary Galala cronner said he made a covenant with God never to cut his hair if he became rich.

He revealed that since God moved him from Ghetto to grace he had decided to keep his hair.

Daddy Showkey said; “Today, people call me ‘Daddy Showkey’, but they don’t know my story. If I can be an example to others, there is no one here that cannot be used as an example. I used to be called ‘John Pako’. I cannot believe that people would want to relate with me now.”

“I promised God that if he moved me from ghetto to grace, I would never cut my hair. I challenged God that if he could make me successful, I would keep my hair as a covenant with him. Truly, God has overdone it over and again. I did not keep the dreadlocks to be a ‘rasta-man’. It is because of the covenant I have with God. I have been offered millions of naira to cut my hair but I refused because I had made a covenant with God.”

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