JJC’s Babymama Reveals Secret About Funke Akindele’s Marriage

According to Mella, Funke’s happy marriage pretence is a lie, adding that the actress caught the husband getting a blowjob.

JJC‘s baby mama in a chat noted that the rapper is a long time drug user who has constantly smoked in front of all his children.

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She wrote, “happy marriage pretence’ is a lie. Funke caught him getting a blowjob. The biggest problem here is that Abdul is a long time drug user who has constantly smoked dope in front of all his children which has been a long-standing dispute between us both. These children look up to their father and follow his example. It’s been a big problem for me and his mother.”

She also threatened to leak the video where JJC beat up her son, which saw him hospitalised.

Mella in a post on her Instagram charged JJC and his wife to tender a public apology.

She wrote, “Abdul & Funke We’ve already asked you to keep your dogs are bay and issue a public apology. Stop with the continued slanderous slime. Otherwise, the next blow will be the video of you beating your son. Clear?”

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