“Men still chase me despite my wedding ring” – Anita Joseph Reveals Reason

The Nollywood star told Saturday Sun that men chase her because she is beautiful.

She said: “Of course, men still chase me despite my wedding ring. They do so because I am a beauty. Well, men can’t stop making passes at you as a married woman, but it depends on you to put them in their places, and respect yourself. Don’t lead them on.

“These men don’t care about wedding rings. In fact, one told me that seeing my wedding ring makes it better for him because it will be only my husband and himself, because he doesn’t trust these girls outside, and I’m like ‘huh, you say?’ Recently, I had one embarrassing encounter where this guy chased me around the mall, saying I must bless him with a peck because he loves watching my movies. It wasn’t funny at all.”

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Anita who is currently married to Fisayo Michael Olagunju popularly known as MC Fish, has often been criticized for her constant PDA (Public Display of Affection) on social media.

Most of her fans have advised her to keep her marriage off the internet as it might have some unpleasant effects on her home.

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