Korra Obidi Kneels And Thank God As She Leaves Her Husband’s House (video)

The mother of introduced through a video on her social media deal with that she become making an impromptu pass out of her former home.

She knelt down and praised God as she confirmed off her new house.

Korra’s husband Justin had said that his spouse become maintaining the youngsters farfar from him, alleging that she had filed a restraining order to prevent him from getting access to the children.

This entire saga started out whilst Justin introduced on social media that he might be divorcing his spouse some days after their 2d daughter Athena Dean become born.

Justin alleged that his spouse become a narcissist who handled him in an unjust way of their relationship.

He currently claimed that Korra had stated she regrets giving beginning to June whilst she become withinside the room with them. He stated that this become the motive he divorced her.